Devotion Articles from the Pastor

Remembering (June 2021)

James Montgomery wrote a hymn entitled “According To Thy Gracious Word” which is meant to be sung in preparation for Communion. The emphasis is on remembering what Jesus did for us on the Cross. Click here to read more.

The Attributes of God (May 2021)

Some years ago, I saw a black and white photograph of our former PM Lee Kuan Yew, blowing bubbles with his then three young children, with Mrs Lee beside him. It was a huge contrast to what Singaporeans often saw of him – a fiery, blunt and tenacious statesman. But of course both sides were true: he was a no-nonsense politician and he was also a loving father to his children. Click here to read more.

Humanity's Two Greatest Enemies (April 2021)

We shall be celebrating Easter next week. Christmas is cosy, nostalgic, very family. But Good Friday is blood and guts, and Easter Sunday is victory against the greatest odds. Two of mankind’s greatest enemies were conquered at Easter: on Good Friday God conquered sin, and on Easter Sunday God conquered death! How did this happen? Click here to read more.

Reflections On The Run (March 2021)

In Paul’s famous section on “The Armour of God” in Ephesians 6, various parts of the Roman soldier’s equipment were highlighted: the belt, then breastplate, footwear, shield, helmet and sword. Each part symbolized important Biblical qualities: truth, righteousness, readiness, faith, salvation and the divine Word of God, the only item used for attack.  Click here to read more.

Masks (July 2021)

We have to wear a face mask in Singapore everywhere in public because of CV19. There are pros and cons. The most important reason is that it protects us from any CV19 germs which may come from an infected person’s droplets when they speak or sneeze. It also stops us from infecting others if you have CV19 germs without knowing it, as some could be asymptomatic for several days. Click here to read more.