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Vacancy for Pastor - Mandarin-Hokkien Congregation

Changi Baptist Church (CBC) is seeking a Pastor to shepherd our Mandarin-Hokkien Congregation (about 40). CBC is known to be a biblically based and family-orientated church and is affiliated with the Singapore Baptist Convention.

The Pastor serves in a humble spirit and displays Christ-like character and spirit. The Pastor is a servant-shepherd who equips and develops relationships to advance the gospel of Christ, and encourages God’s people into Christlikeness. The Pastor demonstrates leadership in caring, protecting and correcting members in the bond of love and unity. The Pastor is passionate in preaching God’s Word, and is committed to Prayer, Discipleship, and Excellence in Personal, Family, and Congregational conduct.

The applicant should be trained in an evangelical theological college, be a competent expository /Biblical preacher, able to exercise pastoral care to people of all ages, with special strengths in equipping lay leaders for effective ministries to build up the body of Christ. The applicant should also have a heart for discipleship, evangelism & mission in order to grow the church spiritually and in numbers. The applicant should preferably be ordained, or with minimum 4-5 years’ pastoral experience. The applicant should be fluent in Mandarin and preferably conversant in English.

Resume requirement: Formal Education and Training, Church Experience, Family Information, Personal Accomplishments & Goals, Published Works (in any form), Statement of Faith, Licensure, Favourite Authors, Hobbies & Interests, Organizational Membership. If possible, include a DVD/CD/video or audio tape of recent sermons.

Please submit your resume with two references to: Sng Chee Kwang, CBC Pastoral Search Committee, email address: Upon receipt of application email, we will send out a copy of Church profile information and a Candidate Response Form for the applicant to fill up.

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